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Transportory stones in Conan Exiles 3.0 supply a brand new and quick journey technique that lets you teleport to your required vacation spot inside seconds. On this information, we’ll inform you easy methods to construct Transportory Stones and easy methods to take care of the corruption that teleporting brings.

The information at a look: Replace “Age of Sorcery” introduces Transportory Stones that let you teleport throughout the entire map. As well as, the replace 3.0 additionally accommodates new expertise and attributes, in addition to hidden wizards that it’s a must to discover. However how does touring with Transport Stones work in Conan Exiles? On this information, we reply the next questions:

  • What necessities do it’s good to meet?
  • How do you construct a Transportory Stone?
  • How does teleporting work?
  • How will you heal the corruption?
  • Suggestions & Tips for Transportory Stones

These are the necessities for the Transportory Stone in Conan Exiles

The brand new replace 3.0 might be complicated in lots of locations, even for knowledgeable gamers: There’s now this nice new teleportation, however how do you employ it? Again to the beginning, how do you solid spells within the first place? Be careful, it’s fairly straightforward:

To begin, it’s good to discover the ebook “Tome of Kurak”, which is situated within the south of the map in a cave. Really, a treasure map will lead you there, which you’ll get from one of many new wizard thralls once you kill him. However we’ll spare you the search job, simply go to the cave marked right here:

On the finish of the cave, an altar awaits you, on which you will see that the spellbook Tome of Kurak. Acquire the ebook, and you’ll have unlocked the primary buildings and gadgets for magic. Amongst your new magic achievements you’ll now discover the “Thaumaturgy Desk”, which you construct in your base after which place the Guide of Kurak on it:

Thaumaturgy Desk Development Value:

  • 300x stone
  • 50x crystal
  • 50x iron ingots

Farm spell pages to improve the Guide of Kurak

The following step to getting the Transportory Stone in Conan Exiles 3.0 is now farming spell pages, for which there are different quick methods. The simplest option to get spell pages is to kill wizards. You then stash the pages within the stock space of your thaumaturgy desk together with the required uncooked supplies for the following improve. Quickly you’ll unlock the blueprint for the Transportory Stone.

Constructing and utilizing a Transportory Stone in Conan Exiles 3.0 – Easy methods to do it

Easy methods to construct a Transporty Stone: The development prices for a Transportory Stone are comparatively manageable, however needless to say you’ll have to pay for it a number of instances over. You need to construct at the very least two teleporters. Nevertheless, there isn’t any restrict and so you’ll be able to theoretically distribute dozens of Transportory Stones on the map, for instance, to rapidly get to the farm of Goldstone or Crimson Lotus.

Development prices for the Transportory Stone:

  • 200x bricks
  • 100x silver ingots
  • 100x Alchemical base substance
  • 3x Torch

Activate the Transportory Stone, you want these sources

If in case you have positioned at the very least two portals, you simply must activate them. For this, you want the next sources (quantity per portal:)

  • 50x sulfur
  • 3x sacrificial blood in a bottle

Put each gadgets into the stock of the portal and click on on “ignite” within the higher proper nook. Your character performs an intense prayer to the gods and bang, the portal opens. If in case you have activated each Transportory Stones, now you can teleport from one place to the opposite, and this may solely value you your sanity as a result of the corruption will come for you and weaken you.

Corruption defined in Conan Exiles – Easy methods to remedy it

What’s Corruption? It’s a illness in Conan Exiles that impacts your character and reveals up with a purple bar alongside your standing bars. Corruption reduces your most well being and stamina. The extra typically you journey along with your Transportory Stone, the extra the corruption will have an effect on your character.

How do you remedy corruption? Thankfully, you’ll be able to simply remedy this annoying illness with dancers. You should tame an applicable Thrall after which convey it to your portal. As with the constructing prices for the Transportory Stone, you’ll additionally want to make use of two or extra Thralls. Within the following article, we’ll present you easy methods to get dancers in Conan Exiles 3.0. Coming Quickly.

Our tip for touring with Transportory Stones in Conan Exiles

If you construct your Transportory Stones, you want to have the ability to defend them. As a result of by means of your portal, all gamers can journey who wish to. So construct a small base round your Transportory Stone. No home windows, a number of ranges, and in the suitable place. Sure, the situation can also be essential to your transport routes: By no means construct your transport stones within the speedy neighborhood of useful resource sources or essential areas!

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