In Genshin Impact, Aranyaka is a prolonged world quest chain the place you meet the Aranara, and discover all of Sumeru with them. All through the hunt line, you’ll be tasked with rescuing Aranara, enjoying a classic lyre, and cleaning withering zone. Observe alongside our Genshin Influence information to search out out the place to begin the hunt and what you’ll unlock alongside the best way.

Half I: Woodland Encounter

Zhongli watches a woman fight a bunch of giant mushrooms

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Supply photos: Hoyoverse

To start out the Aranyaka world quest chain, head to the marked location on the picture above, and assist Rana by defeating the fungi. Throughout Woodland Encounter, you’ll must clear up Withering Zones by attacking Withering Branches with Dendrograna.

Half II: Dream Nursery

In Dream Nursery, you’ll journey to the Vanarana, and unlock its respective space on the map. The primary quest of Dream Nursery, “The World of Aranara,” will unlock a number of gadgets, places, and quests. You’ll be given a Classic Lyre to play rhythms that’ll change the world round you, and a duplicate of Tales of You and the Aranara to unlock Sumeru weapon blueprints from Aravinay.

Girl with bowtie on her back looking at Aravinay, a store owner, with the location marked on a map

Graphic: Johnny Yu for Polygon | Supply picture: Hoyoverse

The Dream Tree, Sumeru’s equal of the Sacred Sakura, is now obtainable, and the doorway could be discovered above the Statue of the Seven in Vanarana. Commerce in your Dendro sigils on the Dream Tree to obtain expertise, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Mora, and a wide range of different rewards.

The following quest, “Children of the Forest,” requires you to assist Aranara round Sumeru. You’ll have to finish a complete of eight quests to progress onto the following step. As you end these quests, you’ll get extra rhythms which can be utilized to unravel puzzles and unlock gated areas.

After serving to the Aranara round Sumeru, they’ll return to Vanarana for Pageant Ustava, the place you’ll accumulate flowers from them by interacting with them and finishing their quests.

Half III: Nursery of Misplaced Desires

Split image with one side showing the starting mechanism and the other showing the starting location marked with a star.

Graphic: Johnny Yu for Polygon | Supply photos: Hoyoverse

In Half III, you’ll drain Vissudha Discipline to work together with the Fane of Ashvattha. Decrease the water ranges by interacting with the mechanism within the picture above and extra mechanisms deeper within the cave. You may unlock the Coordinates of Sun and Rain domain on the similar time. Subsequent, you’ll journey with Arama to Previous Vanarana the place you’ll clear up withering zones and defeat a Destroy Grader. Stand by the Candle of Mild Braziers to lower your Decay ranges.

In “For All Childen Who Lengthy For Life,” you’ll play as Traveler, and face off in opposition to the ultimate boss of Aranyaka, Marana’s Avatar. After defeating Marana’s Avatar, you’ll cleanse Previous Vanarana and sprout a brand new Ashvattha Tree.

Half IV: Within the Finish, the Forest Will Keep in mind

Return to Rana to unseal her to search out out she has a imaginative and prescient, and full the Aranyaka world quest chain. After finishing the hunt chain, you’ll be capable of unlock the Statue of the Seven in Previous Vanarana.


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