Kat Kamalani is a former flight attendant. As flight crew, she amassed insider perception and now she dispenses these tricks to different flyers.

A way of life, well being and self-improvement-focused content material creator, Kat has 136k followers on Instagram.

The mum of two, who now lives in Hawaii and Utah along with her companion, shares her life on her TikTok, the place she has a whopping 825k followers and over 21.5 million likes.

She posts her high travel tip on her accounts, in addition to insights into her tropical life in Hawaii.

She beforehand mentioned gadgets travellers ought to “by no means” eat on aeroplanes.

She requested future passengers “simply promise me you will not.”

Kat was emphatic that travellers on planes ought to by no means drink water except it comes from a bottle.

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Speak to a flight attendant, we not often, not often drink the espresso or tea that comes from the identical water tank.

“So if you find yourself consuming that espresso and tea that comes from that sizzling water and it is completely disgusting.”

The espresso machines, Kat claims, usually are not usually cleaned. She mentioned: “These little (espresso machines), they’re not often cleaned except they’re damaged.

“The (kettles) are taken out and cleaned between flights, however the entire machine isn’t cleaned and so they’re by the toilets.”

Lately a flight attendant defined the sort of passenger behaviour that ruins cabin crew’s day.

The lady, who goes by Cierra Mist, detailed the primary annoying factor passengers can do is “ask (crew) that can assist you carry your luggage.”

The cabin crew skilled went on: “To start with, not one of the crew is getting paid if you are boarding.

“We really do not even begin getting paid till the airplane door shuts and the break will get lifted.”


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