Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s most talked about destinations! This has much to do with the stunning panoramas over the peaks of the Swiss Alps and the world-famous Matterhorn. Zermatt is a great destination to visit during Summer. There are plenty of things to do: A must do is taking the Gornergrat train that takes you up on 3100m. The way up in the train is very scenic, you will get to see the village of Zermatt as well as the Matterhorn from many angles. Do not forget to get out at Rotenboden to hike down to the Riffelsee. The Riffelsee is a lake that often shows perfect reflections of the Matterhorn. However, here it’s important to get up early, as during Summer the visibility is often not too good. Thus, during the early mornings or in September, your chances to see perfect reflections of the Matterhorn are in general the highest. From the Gornergrat you may enjoy a fantastic panorama over the Monte Rosa massive as well as the Kleinmatterhorn, Zinalrothorn and the iconic Matterhorn itself. Very eye-catching is also the Gorner glacier. Another highlight is the 5 lakes walk (5 lakes hike) that takes you to some really beautiful spots. Sometimes it’s worth to go a bit off the beaten track. For example up to the ridge to oversee the Findel glacier. Really beautiful are the Stellisee and Grindjisee; 2 lakes that show great reflections of the Matterhorn. Since you are in Zermatt, definitely consider exploring the village itself. Zermatt is full of traditional wooden houses, souvenir shops and great restaurants. It may be a bit crowded at times, which much has to do with Zermatt being one of the most visited villages of Switzerland. Zermatt is not only a touristy hotspot but also considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland! Try to stay overnight as the impression of the village as well as the Matterhorn during sunset and dusk are really unforgettable. Quite less-known is the Gornerschlucht (Gorner Gorge); a gorge that is also a very budget-friendly attraction. It’s around 20 minutes from the village centre and really worth a visit. A trip up to the Kleinmatterhorn is also a highlight that shall not be missed. The Kleinmatterhorn is Europe’s highest altitude station up on 3890 meters! The air will be a bit thin but this is quite an interesting experience. While you may get a perfect panorama over the Matterhorn, the village of Zermatt and Breuil-Cervinia in Italy, do not forget to visit the Ice Palace inside the glacier. There will be many beautifully carved sculptures. The Stechfest is one of Zermatt’s cultural highlights taking place on a yearly basis during early August. It’s a competition of cows from the Eringer breed that engage into fights (wrestles) to set up the hierarchy. It’s a very interesting behavior to watch, but don’t worry: The fights are part of the natural behavior of these cows; the fights are not about injuring the other cow but rather showing which cow is stronger. This happens anytime when one cow meets another stranger cow. Zermatt during Summer is full of highlights! Thus, make sure to plan your trip and enjoy an unforgettable vacation!

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