Did you know that in New York it is officially allowed to go topless, the authorities buy a one-way ticket for the homeless, and a stone Lenin stands on one of the roofs? And that’s not all! Unknown New York in our factual and photo collection!

The number of homeless in New York is close to 60 thousand. The absolute record for their number was set last year — then, according to official data, there were about 59 thousand of them. One of the mayors of the city at one time found a very original way to get people off the streets — he began to buy one-way tickets for the homeless if they have a guaranteed place of residence in another city.

In the 1980s, crime was rampant on the streets of New York – about 1,500 crimes were committed per day, 6-7 of which were murders. But then everything changed. On November 28, 2012, not a single crime was recorded in the metropolis, and in February of this year, the Big Apple managed to live without murders for 10 whole days.

The daily newspaper The New York Times has been published since September 1851. It is the second most-circulated newspaper in the country. It takes 75 thousand trees to print the Sunday issue.

The largest park in the city — Central Park — exceeds the size of the Principality of Monaco in area. For comparison, the area of the park is 341 hectares, and the Principality is only 202 hectares.

In New York, women are allowed to go topless. In 1992, the New York Supreme Court allowed women to go without outerwear on an equal basis with men.

The number of restaurants in New York exceeds 25 thousand, but they often work in them not for a salary, which is egregiously low, but for tips. Their size is usually 15-25% of the bill, but not less than $5.

In the East Village area of Manhattan, a monument to Lenin stands on the roof of one of the houses. The housing complex “Red Square” on Houston Street is privately owned, so the authorities could not forbid the owner to install the monument.

There are more people living in New York City than in 39 of the 50 American states. Every 4.4 minutes someone is born in a megalopolis, and every 9.1 minutes someone dies.

Cemeteries used to be located on the site of such modern parks as Madison Square, Washington Square, Union Square and Bryant. Mostly poor people were buried there.

In New York, you can earn money by carefully examining cracks in the asphalt. One of the locals somehow armed himself with tweezers and a cup and went to study the sidewalks near jewelry stores. Thus, he can earn about $600 a week.