How to travel abroad / internationally in a post-pandemic world 😉

🌿 things mentioned:
✕ We booked most things with the help of a Travel Agent (free)
✕ I booked the longhaul flights, round trip IAH – LHR
✕ Travel agent booked european trains/flights, hotels, tours, transfers
✕ I wanted a nonstop, direct flight to our first destination ($$) but connecting flights would have been ($)
✕ There was no mask mandates anywhere we were (including flights, hotels, tourism attractions, cabs/taxis) although some tourists/passengers opted to wear masks
✕ There was no pre-departure C-vid testing at any point in the trip
✕ The reason so many amenities / free transfers / upgrades / etc happened with the hotels is because our travel agent is a member of “Virtuoso” (ask your travel agent if they subscribe to this service)
✕ Number one recommendation: HIRE A PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE! when i say this made our trip, i mean it *made our trip*
✕ Versailles: Book the “Excellence” Package with your concierge, where you enter via the restaurant, are offered a glass of champagne, and then are let into the grounds with no wait
✕ Louvre: purchase tickets in advance via your concierge (it’s a booked time slot). We still entered via a line , but that was a line that all went in at once during the alotted time slot.
✕ Laminate your tickets to make pretty bookmarks!
✕ @British Airways
✕ @Dorchester Collection

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