Everything you need to know about visiting Copenhagen. How to get in from the airport, what attractions to see, what to do, where to avoid and this is the only video you’ll need to plan your trip to Denmark’s Capital . I’ll show you around The Little Mermaid, the Marmorkirken, Amelienborg Palace, Rosenborg Castle, Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv, Christiansborg Palace, Tivoli Gardens, Rundertaarn and more.

I’ll also show you the best places to eat, such as Aamann’s for Smorrebrod, Peter’s Polser for Danish Hotdogs, St Peter’s Bakery, the oldest in Copenhagen for Danish pastries, and the best foodie market in the world: Torverhallerne KBH!

00:00 – Copenhagen Complete City Guide
00:25 – Introduction to Copenhagen
00:46 – Map of Copenhagen
00:58 – How to get to Copenhagen from the Airport.
01:40 – The Little Mermaid Statue.
02:13 – Kastellet
03:08 – Marmorkirken
03:58 – Amalienborg Palace
05:25 – Rosenborg Castle
07:27 – Museums: Statens Museum for Kunst
08:16 – Food in Copenhagen
08:43 – Aamann’s Smørrebrød
09:41 – St Peter’s Bakery – Danish Pastries
10:24 – Peter’s Pølse Hotdog
10:45 – Torvehallerne KBH
11:36 – Rundertaarn
12:57 – Strøget
13:23 – Kongens Nytorv
13:50 – Nyhavn
15:01 – Christiansborg Palace
16:04 – Danish Architecture Center
16:30 – Radhus (City Hall)
16:46 – Tivoli Gardens
18:27 – Von Freslers Kirke
18:38 – Christiania
19:25 – Copenhagen Opera House
20:00 – Copenhill
20:49 – Meatpacking District
21:06 – Frederiksberg Palace
21:17 – Copenhagen Zoo
21:28 – Carlsberg Brewery
21–53 – Cisterne
22:14 – Parken
22:42 – Frederiksborg Castle
23:09 – Top Tips for visiting Copenhagen
27:15 – Outro and Outtakes

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