Singapore has the highest density of dollar millionaires per thousand inhabitants. In a country of 5 million people, more than 150 thousand millionaires are 3% of the country’s population. No one else has it. Oh, if I lived in Singapore without a wife, I would probably find myself an Asian millionaire, the main thing is that I would not be Asian.
There are practically no traffic jams in Singapore. And the recipe is very simple, or rather the calculation is very complicated and you can’t explain it on your fingers, but the meaning is clear — the more expensive the car is, the less it will be bought. I don’t even know if our authorities need to adopt this experience. The cost of the car as a result consists of:

There are a lot of cars on the roads of Singapore, and a lot of ordinary budget cars, but there are almost no traffic jams
You can’t just pick up and buy a car in Singapore.
 And again about the welfare of Singapore residents. Yes, this is not a poor country. 92% of all Singaporeans own housing. Where do they get the money from?
 Well, only a lazy person did not write about fines in Singapore. Yes, this is a country of fines. There are fines for everything, and their size, it would seem, should scare away all tourists from the country.
 Watered the flowers and left water in the saucer — fine
 Not flushed in the toilet — fine
 Sing or play a musical instrument and annoy others — fine
 Brought chewing gum into the country — a huge fine
 They brought a joint of marijuana with them — death!
 This guide has a detailed article about fines and bans, I recommend reading it.

Don’t even think about taking a fishing rod with you when traveling to Singapore
What is important to know about fines: yes, at first glance it seems that you will not have time to leave the airport yet, but you will already receive 2-3 fines. Yes, they are everywhere and everywhere, but in fact everything is very loyal and no one will stand around the corner and monitor violations.
Here, in the same way, pedestrians cross the road at a red light, and drivers do not always let them through at the crossing.

There are absolutely no resources in the country: not a bubble of gas, not a drop of oil, not a gram of coal. Singapore imports absolutely everything into the country: drinking water, sand for construction, oil, gas, electricity and even labor and “brains”.
Back to money: Singapore very often ranks first in the ranking of the most expensive cities in the world. Not every year, but every three years for sure. Well, the fact that it never takes off from the top five most expensive cities in the world is not worth writing about.

Singapore’s largest bill is the equivalent of US$ 7,600.
 Let’s talk about the dimensions :). Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. The area of the whole country is smaller than the area of Kiev, for example. But a little bit more than Minsk. From the center of Singapore, you can take a regular bus to Malaysia in 15-20 minutes.
Singapore has increased its territory by almost 50% in 70 years. And this point is not about war or annexation. Everything is legal here.
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