The Island Sanctuary has been one of the anticipated sport options in all of Last Fantasy XIV. It’s no shock that after it was launched, gamers flocked to the sport to try to unlock it. On this information, we might be instructing you how you can unlock your very personal Island Sanctuary in Last Fantasy XIV.

Again in August of 2022, Sq. Enix launched the above trailer for Patch 6.2 of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Last Fantasy XIV. One of many options teased within the trailer was the Island Sanctuary. In it, gamers may discover a seemingly uninhabited island paradise. The gamers may collect assets, harvest crops, seize animals, and plenty of extra. This replace had gamers hyped. A lot of the sport’s gamers had been in search of a change of tempo, a extra stress-free expertise away from the raids and dungeons. That is the sport’s reply to the gamers who have been trying to do one thing extra stress-free after catching up within the Primary Situation Quest, or MSQ for brief.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Unlock for Endwalker gamers

To unlock the Island Sanctuary, gamers should first have already completed the Degree 90 quest from the MSQ titled Endwalker. After ending this cutscene, the gamers might then proceed to the end-game hub Previous Sharlayan. There, they will discover the Clueless Crier at coordinates (X:11.9 Y: 11.0). They will provide you with the search entitled “In search of Sanctuary”. Going via the search will lead the participant to Decrease La Noscea, within the Moraby Dry Docks. Situated there at coordinates (X: 24.9 Y: 34.8) is Baldin, the Cieldalaes Ferryman.

Baldin, the Cieldalaes Ferryman

Speaking to him will permit the participant to journey to their island. From there, the participant can now begin exploring their very personal Island Sanctuary.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Unlock for others

Though the participant wants to complete Endwalker to have the ability to absolutely expertise the Island Sanctuary, they will nonetheless go to different gamers’ islands. To take action, the participant have to be no less than stage 15 to unlock Airship journey. If the participant already began in La Noscea, this requirement is just not actually wanted. As soon as the participant can journey to different areas, they will head over to Baldin as described above. As soon as they’ve talked to Baldin, they unlock the flexibility to journey to the islands of different gamers.

Visit other islands

The gamers can journey to their good friend’s island, their Free Firm (FFXIV’s equal of a guild) member’s islands, or the island of their celebration members. There are, nevertheless, two necessities for this go to to occur. First, the island’s proprietor have to be on the island itself. This prevents gamers from simply exploring different folks’s islands uninvited. This additionally serves to minimize the server load, as the sport will solely load the islands if the house owners are on it. Second, the proprietor of the island should permit guests to go to their island. The islands have their very own privateness settings that the proprietor can change. Ought to they wish to stop different gamers from visiting, they will lock their island. In any other case, the island is open to guests any and all guests that wish to go to it, granted it meets the primary requirement.

Now that you’ve unlocked the island sanctuary, it’s time to discover, take within the sights, and have a breather earlier than the subsequent spherical of raids, dungeons, and MSQ.

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